Fuel Cells Provide Off-Grid Power
The Durst Organization recently announced two fuel cells are providing supplemental power at its new signature Conde Nast building in Times Square, New York City. The two fuel cells, which generate 400 kW of electricity, will normally provide a portion of the building’s general power requirements. However, if there is a blackout, the systems can operate independently of the utility grid to maintain power to critical mechanical components and external landmark signage on the facade of the building. The model PC25 fuel cell systems were developed by International Fuel Cells, Inc., (IFC) and manufactured by ONSI Corp. Both are subsidiaries of United Technologies Corp.

Surge Market on the Rise
The U.S. surge protector device markets continue to show steady growth due to increasing demand in broadband applications and consumer purchasing, according to two new reports by New York-based market research firm, World Information Technologies. The forecast for this market shows it will grow at a rate of 8.1% over the next five years. The majority of demand will continue to come from telco and consumer markets, but the markets to satellite television providers, MSOs, and wireless operators will show the strongest growth rates of 14.1%, 12.9%, and 11.1% respectively.

What’s New in Online B2B Surplus?
SurplusChannel.com, an online surplus marketplace, recently introduced five enhancements to make its Web site an advanced business-to-business tool for negotiating surplus transactions. It helps companies save time and money in the $350 billion surplus U.S. market, replacing the labor-intensive, time-consuming, and paper-based processes traditionally used to unload surplus inventories. The five new enhancements include:

Auto Negotiate, a sophisticated program that automatically generates counteroffers to multiple buyers on the seller’s behalf.

Auto Match, a tool that helps identify potential matches in the negotiation process and puts them in contact with each other.

Surplus Network, a closed “members-only” network, which is set up on a secure URL. It helps customers maintain confidentiality and integrity of transactions.

Keep It or Give It Calculator helps sellers determine the break-even point for liquidation decisions. This allows customers to calculate the costs of carrying inventory.

Donate it! tool helps sellers determine if it is no longer feasible to carry unsold or obsolete inventories. They can use the Donate It! tool to donate those inventories to charity—or even liquidate them to make a tax-deductible cash donation to charity.

Southwire to Close Copper Refinery and Sell Aluminum
Capping a yearlong restructuring plan aimed at renewing its commitment to the wire and cable market, Southwire Co. recently announced a pair of strategic moves that finalize the company’s refocus initiatives started in February of 1999.

As part of its restructuring, Southwire will close its copper refining operations within Copper Division Southwire (CDS) in Carrollton, Ga. The company has signed a nonbinding letter of intent to sell NSA, its aluminum smelter in Hawesville, Ky., to Century Aluminum Company of Monterey, Calif.

Southwire will continue to operate a rod mill housed within CDS and a rod and cable facility in Hawesville, which includes a third aluminum rod mill.

Rockwell Opens New Research Facility
Rockwell Automation recently opened a new Advanced Development Laboratory at the Rockwell Automation Power Systems headquarters in Greenville, S.C. The addition of the research facility will expand the ability to provide quality motor and mechanical products to meet the growing technological needs of customers.

The $5 million facility will have the capability of testing DODGE brand mechanical and Reliance Electric Brand motor products up to 2000 hp. It will be able to evaluate materials, magnetics, insulation, vibration, sound, as well as advanced development sciences.

The state-of-the-art laboratories consolidates under one roof what was previously accomplished at three separate facilities.

New Cooper Lighting SOURCE Schedule
Cooper Lighting’s SOURCE educational and training facility recently announced scheduling information for the lighting specification community, distributors, end users, and students. Located at Cooper Lighting’s headquarters in Elk Grove Village, Ill., the facility offers courses to broaden the understanding of lighting and its applications.

Teaching schedules for the remainder of 2000 are:

• Lighting Fundamentals: June 14-16; Aug. 21-23; Oct. 25-27; Dec. 6-8;

• Lighting Design and Application for Interior Spaces: Sept. 20-22;

• Lighting Design and Application for Exterior Spaces: Nov. 16-17;

• Office Lighting Workshop: Aug. 14-15;

• Residential Lighting Workshop: Sept. 21;

• Landscape Lighting Workshop: Oct. 2-4; and

• Lighting Bootcamp: June 1-2; Nov. 13-14.

Microturbine Market Consensus Outlook
According to a unique consensus market forecast released from GRI, the market for microturbine products will be a significant niche, totaling $2.4 billion to $8 billion by 2010.

Microturbines, typically operating in the 25 kilowatt (kW) to 300kW range, are modular turbine units being touted for their operating efficiencies, high reliability, and low emissions. This line of products is of growing interest for those in the distributed power generation.

While initial sales of microturbines will occur primarily in North America, more than 50% of sales will be international by 2010. Many stakeholders feel microturbines can provide 8% of the estimated 1 million megawatts of new power capacity that will be needed by 2010.