Cable preparation tools
These Andrew Easiax tools reduce cable preparation time to seconds. They produce a precise cut that makes connector attachment quick and easy. The tools score the jacketing and cut the outer conductor at the crest of its corrugation at the precise distance required. The blade depth is adjustable. Five extra reversible cutting blades are included.
Jensen Tools
Circle 253
Soil pipe cutter
The RIDGID Model 276 soil pipe cutter cuts soil pipe quickly and easily. It provides one stroke cutting of 1½-in. to 6-in. hub/no hub cast iron, clay, asbestos, and cement pipe. Optional chain extension assemblies and chain links extend the cutter's capacity.
Ridge Tool
Circle 273
Rotary hammer bits
This company has added 40 new bit sizes to its 44 MAGNUM series of SDS Rotary Hammer bits, with sizes ranging from 5/32 in. to ⅝ in. in diameter and usable lengths from 2 in. to 22 in. These bits drill anchor holes in concrete, masonry, brick, and stone.
Milwaukee Electric Tool
Circle 255
Multipurpose tool
This multipurpose tool is designed to make handheld applications more efficient. The driving and cutting tool features the Rapid Load holder for quick and easy accessory changes, a cushioned rubber grip and ergonomic handle design for comfortable use, a steel shaft for maximum durability, and a torque bar that provides added power for tough applications. This unit is also available with ratcheting action, which provides speed in driving applications and a blade adapter that provides cutting capability in drywall, wood, or PVC.
DEWALT Industrial Tool
Circle 257
Backhoe loaders
The 420D and 430D backhoe loaders provide standard pilot-operated joystick controls. Similar to hydraulic excavator controls, the system is easy to learn and use, allowing smooth, efficient operation. Both machines are available in integrated toolcarrier configurations.
Circle 271
Electrically conductive tape
You can use this electrically conductive tape in a variety of applications, such as electromagnetic shielding, grounding, contact surfaces, electrical connections, and draining of static electricity. The tape is available in several widths and thicknesses, and there are versions for automatic processing.
Holland Shielding Systems BV
Circle 262
The room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicone adhesive/sealants can be used to bond, waterproof, seal, and protect in a wide range of HVAC, industrial, electrical, metalworking, aviation, and construction applications. Five formulas are available. They require no special curing methods and form instant, custom-shaped gaskets.
CRC Industries
Circle 252
Drill entry point locator
The DrillSpotter locates the exact drill entry and exit points before you drill through masonry walls, ceilings, and floors. It even penetrates reinforced concrete up to 40 in. thick, while measures the thickness. It eliminates time-consuming measuring, test drilling, and blind drilling.
First Edition Products
Circle 254
Manual post puller
The Model MP-3 manual post puller is designed to make pulling posts as easy as possible. It features a waist-high, extendable handle for maximum leverage, a two-position chain receiver that allows maximum pulling power or pulling speed, and a large alloy steel foot for maximum stability.
Rhino Tool
Circle 265
Modular wood-boring system
The MOD Bit modular wood-boring system features quick-change cutter heads and replaceable pilot screws that increase labor efficiency and reduce tool replacement costs. It uses a push-pull quick-change system that makes for easy removal and installation of the differently sized cutter heads.
Greenlee Textron
Circle 260