Boom lift

The E/M600 series of boom lifts is equipped for indoor and outdoor job sites and off-slab applications. In addition to a 60-ft platform height, the series features 43 ft of horizontal reach. An onboard generator permits quick battery recharging. The unit has a 500-lb capacity, and includes automatic traction control, all-terrain tires, electric and multipower models, and the JibPlus boom option.
JLG Industries
Circle 272

Hole-cutting tools

These annular hole-cutting tools are capable of rapidly cutting clean, round, accurate, and nearly burr-free holes in sheet metal and other thin materials. The absence of jagged edges around the cut hole could reduce cuts to fingers and hands during assembly of connectors/lock nuts. Operation won't damage the material surrounding the cut.
Circle 276

Circular saw

The Power-Plus Cordless 6½-in. circular saw operates on a 2.4 Ah nickel cadmium battery. On a single charge, it can cut up to 145 2×4s or 106 ft of ⅝-in OSB material.
Milwaukee Electric Tool
Circle 258

Accessory system

The Rapid Load Quick Change Accessory System includes accessories and sets for professional users. Brad point drill bits are included for woodworkers. Two sizes of step bits are included for electricians, as are auger bits. Hole saw mandrels are included for plumbers.
DEWALT Industrial Tool
Circle 255

Disposable earplugs

The Bilsom 202 NST disposable earplugs combine superior and comfortable hearing protection for all types of noise environments with enhanced communications, allowing speech and other sounds to be heard in a natural and unmuffled way.
Dalloz Safety
Circle 270

Paint booth fixture

Slim Light fluorescent paint booth lighting provides inside access with only 2¼ in. of depth. It's ideal for mounting into double-skinned insulated booth panels. The standard fixture uses T8 electronic ballast technology, and is available with a high light output upgrade. It comes in 3-, 4-, and 5-ft models with a choice of two, four, or six lamps.
LDPI Lighting
Circle 262

Backhoe loader

The 416D backhoe loader features 74 net horsepower (55kW) and offers 14 ft, 5 in. (4.39 m) of backhoe digging depth with a standard stick and 18 ft, 1 in. (5.51 m) of digging depth with an extendible stick.
Circle 274