All-weather butt-in test set

The PE series butt-in telephone test set line combines telco-grade durability, improved performance for the analog and digital environment, and an ergonomic design. All five models in the series come with a 3-year warranty, IEC IP 67 waterproof, fully submersible rating, and drop qualification from 20 ft.
Progressive Electronics
Circle 180

Packaging design system

The new generation of Tek-Pak boxes are designed to simplify and speed up installation, with larger, more easily identifiable graphics. The boxes feature LANmark 1000 and LANmark 350 enhanced cabling devices in both riser and plenum versions.
Circle 152

Crimp tool

The GMC-1000 modular crimp tool strips and cuts telephone wire and crimps RJ-11 and RJ-22 modular plugs to twisted pair wiring. To accommodate making handset cords, the RJ-22 adapter is located in the handle.
Gardner Bender
Circle 156

Grounding device

The LAN Static Discharge Unit eliminates potentially damaging electrostatic discharges (ESD) from newly installed telecommunications backbone and horizontal cabling. Developed in partnership with ITWLinx, the unit establishes a grounding path through which electrostatic charges are drained.
Circle 153

Cable assemblies

The 50-ohm Testmate cable assemblies are designed for operation up to 18 GHz or 40 GHz. They have a proprietary triple shielding system, and several designs feature interchangeable connector heads.
Times Microwave Systems
Circle 188

Poke-through system

The Walker RC7 series poke-through system offers two Cat. 5e communications connectors and 20A duplex power receptacles in an aesthetically pleasing, flush wire and cable management system. This eliminates the cost of installing a second poke-through for additional power and communications services.
The Wiremold Co.
Circle 168

Line protector

The OnLine series ADSL Line Protector is designed for use at both the customer or carrier premises. The protector features patented SwitchedFilter technology that shields ADSL equipment from the damaging effects of lightning-induced transients. The robust design of the protector enables it to withstand current and voltage surges.
Circle 179

Power monitor with built-in modem

An internal modem option is now available to the company's 7330 ION revenue-accurate, 3-phase power meter. This enables large industrial plants and institutional facilities to more cost-effectively communicate with each site without having to buy and install an external modem and converter for each meter.
Power Measurement
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