Telephone cable tester

The Model 1039 is a multifunction telephone cable tester that is ideal for testing insulation resistance, line resistance, resistive imbalance, capacitance, and capacitive imbalance of copper telephone cable. It can also measure overall capacitance (to 4000nF) and cable length (to 80.0 km).
AEMC Instruments
Circle 151

Sliding shelf

The 32-in.-deep MegaFrame Sliding Shelf offers a built-in easy-slide feature for extending and retracting the unit. The shelf moves on an undercarriage belt, which is composed of a UL94V-2-rated polycarbonate material. The shelf easily accommodates cable bundles of up to 1.00 in. diameter. The shelf can be assembled with only a screwdriver.
Chatsworth Products
Circle 170

Crimp-style connector

The OPTI-CRIMP FJ connector is a crimp-style, prepolished fiber optic connector. The duplex connector helps installers save money by eliminating polishing and adhesion steps in the termination process.
Circle 181

Cable stripper tools

These midspan strip tools can be used with LMR feeder cables sizes 600 through 1700. The GST-600A, 900A, 1200A, and 1700A tools remove the outer polyethylene jacket on LMR feeder cables to prep the cables for attaching the ground kits. Each tool is made from durable and lightweight machined aluminum stock.
Times Microwave Systems
Circle 166

Copper cabling

The LANmark-2000 is an enhanced Cat. 6 copper cabling solutions product line available in plenum, riser, and patch versions. It received independent certification from ITS ETL SEMKO for meeting the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) Cat. 6 Draft 7 standard.
Circle 185

DSL cable tester

The ITC-6614-DSL CHECK MATE adds several features to any standard butt set. The features include measurement of line voltage, loop current, percent of battery life remaining, and Warble Tone for locating wiring.
Independent Technologies
Circle 187

LAN cable tester

The Model 40145 LAN cable tester is designed to meet Ethernet and Token Ring LAN standards. It accepts a variety of BNC and RJ45 terminated cables and checks for open, short, reversed, crossed, split pair, and faults.
Extech Instruments
Circle 172

Cable analyzer software

The version 2.1 software upgrade for the WireScope 350 Cat. 6 cable analyzer enables the analyzer to automate the process of cable labeling. The upgrade also introduces auto-cancellation technology that makes highly accurate certification of Cat. 6 channels possible. Auto cancellation completely removes the channel test interface from the measured data.
Agilent Technologies
Circle 154

Cable assembly products

This cable assembly standard offering includes lengths of semirigid cable assemblies; BNC and SMB 75 ohm impedance-matched jumpers; new MCX, MMCX, SMA, and SMB subminiature configurations; reverse polarity and left-hand threaded assemblies; MHV jumpers; 1.0/2.3 miniature cable assemblies; USB, SMP and fiber optic assemblies in a wide range of styles and lengths.
RF Connectors
Circle 165

Wire stripper

Designed for RG-6 coaxial cable, the Coax Stripmaster wire stripper has spring-action operation grips and strips cable in one motion. It features knife-type, form-ground blades that penetrate the outer jacket accurately and nick-free. Because it is presized to fit RG-6 Quad Shield coax cable, the stripper eliminates guesswork and the need for tool readjustment.
IDEAL Industries
Circle 150

BNC modules

BNC gold-plated, female-to-female modules offer a snap-in feature for ease of installation, and are designed to offer exceptional performance in coaxial cable networks. The feedthrough BNC modules also come in ivory, white, and gray to accommodate any decor.
Circle 161

Rack-drawing software

RackTools v. 1.01 allows users to create professional, high-quality elevation drawings of racks and enclosures. Users can update the program's capabilities via the Internet as often as they like, and they can download the most current information, including new product images, prices, part numbers, and related accessories.
Circle 157

Grounding busbars

ERITECH grounding busbars meet the specifications of TIA/EIA 607-A and conform to BICSI recommendations. These busbars ensure proper telecommunications grounding and bonding, which is critical to effective systems operation. The busbars are available in several different lengths to accommodate project requirements based on the amount of connections necessary.
Circle 159