The New Jersey School Construction Corp. (NJSCC) is currently overseeing the largest public construction program in the state's history. The project is the result of the New Jersey Educational Facilities Construction and Financing Act, which was signed into law in 2000 and gave $8.6 billion to New Jersey public schools for construction and renovation over the next decade. Special needs areas, known as Abbot Districts, were given $6 billion of the construction dollars, non-Abbot districts received $2.5 billion, and county vocational schools were allotted $100 million.

Jack Spencer, chief executive officer of the NJSCC, told New York Construction magazine that he has his hands full. “Work is going on in every county in the state,” Spencer says. “So far, we've executed 1,341 grants in 385 school districts in 21 counties.” In 2004, the NJSCC expects to award 100 design contracts and between 90 and 100 construction contracts worth $1 billion, and in 2005 the agency expects to award $2 billion in contracts. Spencer said he's trying to get as many firms involved in the program as possible because it makes good business, and competition keeps costs down and ensures high-quality firms are getting jobs.