A new level of performance assurance of end-to-end structured cabling solutions, launched under the name HarmonyPLUS, is now available from Helix/HiTemp, Inc. and Chromatic Technologies, Inc. In addition to a comprehensive end-to-end applications warranty, the program includes third-party link and channel verification as well as interoperability assurance testing at an independent lab.

“The HarmonyPLUS program goes far beyond commonly offered link and channel verifications. We are testing our cabling with the connectivity systems of our partners in actual network environments with the latest network protocols and bit-error-rate testing systems to assure that our cabling solution will support the latest applications,” says Harry van der Meer, marketing manager for Helix/HiTemp Cables. “With HarmonyPLUS, we are providing our customers with a thoroughly tested end-end system solution, giving our customers the peace of mind that our system will provide them with long-term assurance that today’s and future standards based technologies will be supported 100%. We are currently focusing on Cat. 5e, and will be expanding to Cat. 6 and fiber based solutions within the next few months.”

HarmonyPLUS includes all cable and connectivity components, packaged as a single system offering, including link and channel verification, interoperability test data, application assurance and component warranty as well as an installer certification program.