A provider of Web-based business services for the build and repair subcontracting industries, NetClerk, Inc., South San Francisco, recently announced the launch and national rollout of its NetClerk Permit Management system. NetClerk Permit Management is a sophisticated Internet-based application that enables contractors to better manage the local government permit application process.

Using a Web interface, contractors can acquire city and county permit applications from the NetClerk forms library and use its propriety technology to complete, e-submit, store, and retrieve these forms electronically. The online system streamlines the building permit process, allowing contractors to obtain permits without making a physical trip to the local building department. In effect, the application acts as an electronic intermediary between the contractor and the local building department.

A select group of contractors initially beta-tested the system in the San Francisco Bay area with excellent results.

According to Trevor Read, vice president of strategic planning, "The city building departments are overwhelmingly supportive. Building officials are quick to realize the value and benefit we provide to the city and their constituency"

Jon Fisher, CEO and acting vice president of sales reiterates the positive feedback the company has received. "We fully expect to have a presence in over 20 major urban areas consisting of 2000 cities by the end of the year," he says.