If you have overhead service conductors, do they comply with the NEC, Art. 230, Part II? For example, they must be of sufficient capacity to handle the load. If you've added or upgraded service equipment, this may no longer be the case. While load diversity can prevent an immediate problem, a load usage change can produce an unpleasant surprise.

What about clearances? Are these conductors at least:

  • 8 ft above the rooftops of buildings?
  • 10 ft above grade at the service entrance?
  • 18 ft above driveways and parking lots?

Service conductors must attach to buildings only with fittings identified for use with service conductors. If you can't visually inspect to determine if the fittings in your installation are correct and can't verify from invoices or other documents, then you need to replace those fittings.

If you have underground service conductors, then you obviously don't have overhead clearance requirements. The ampacity requirements still apply. Additionally, these must meet the requirements of 300.5 for protection against physical damage.