Does your facility have any areas used for spraying, dipping, or coating processes? If these operations run regularly, you must apply Art. 516 [516.1].

Article 516 differentiates between a spray room, spray booth, and spray area [516.2]:

  • Spray room: A dedicated room with dedicated ventilation supply and exhaust.
  • Spray booth: A dedicated enclosure (within a room) with dedicated ventilation exhaust (ventilation supply needn’t be dedicated).
  • Spray area: An area that has some local vapor extraction or ventilation.

Some requirements apply to only one or two of the above. Regardless of whether you have a room, booth, or enclosure, you must classify the location [516.3]. The location must conform to the applicable requirements that follow from 516.5 onward.

Classification isn’t as hard as it sounds:

  • The interior of a container of flammable liquid is Class I, Division 1 or Class I, Zone 0.
  • The interiors of spray booths, exhaust ducts, sumps, and some other areas are Class I or Class II, Division 1.
  • Places open to air are generally Class I or Class II, Division 2.
Use Figure 516.3(C)(5) to help you determine with which classification you are working.