Skipping Stone, a Los Angeles-based energy consulting firm providing market assessment, strategy development, strategy implementation, talent management, and managed services, announced recently the formal launch of the National Demand Response Directory, a reference guide to all the commercial and industrial demand-response programs in the United States. The directory provides a summary report for more than 450 demand-response program providers, including links to the provider websites. More than 1,300 commercial and industrial demand-response programs across the country are defined within the summary reports, many with links directly to the program details.

For LEED projects working to achieve demand-response credit, the National Demand Response Directory catalogs those demand response programs that qualify under the new LEED demand-response credit guidelines. The directory is searchable by state and program provider with the ability to download the summary reports during the search session.

The directory is in the process of building a service provider directory with listings of companies engaged in aggregation, engineering, software, hardware and consulting in the demand-response marketplace.

“The goal is to provide tools that promote wider spread demand-response adoption by commercial and industrial businesses,” said Ross Malme, a Skipping Stone partner. “Utilities, regulators, and other market participants will also find the directory helpful for benchmarking and new program development, as well as finding suitable vendors.”

Ongoing database development, research, and tracking of new demand-response rates and programs will be done out of the Skipping Stone Los Angeles offices.