After entering into an agreement with Motorola, Pacific Wireless Technologies, Inc. will supply a Motorola iDEN(R) integrated digital wireless network in California’s Central Valley area. This makes it the third wireless carrier to adopt iDEN technology in the United States and the fifth in North America.

The iDEN technology allows mobile professionals to use a single, palm-size handset to make a digital cellular phone call, send text messages, instantly communicate with one or hundreds of individuals through the two-way radio feature, access information from the Internet, send and receive e-mail, and connect to a notebook or handheld computer to serve as a wireless modem.

“The addition of Pacific Wireless to the marketplace demonstrates the value that integrated digital communications brings to mobile workers who need fast, efficient communication to increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction,” says Fred Wright, senior vice president and general manager of Motorola’s Customer Solutions Group, North America Region.

Pacific Wireless will offer integrated wireless communications services primarily to those businesses placing an especially high value on dispatch communications along with speed, efficiency, and reliability of communications. Market potential within central California alone is more than seven million subscribers.