The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), Jefferson City, Mo., released a list of 34 transportation projects, costing a total of $510 million. “We stand ready to quickly deliver 34 transportation improvements that would mean jobs, increased safety, and a better quality of life for Missourians,” says Pete Rahn, MoDOT director. “These are much-needed projects that will benefit Missouri citizens, and we urge Congress to act positively on an economic stimulus package that includes a minimum of $25 billion for transportation infrastructure projects.”

Missouri's list of projects includes about $137 million of work on Interstates 70, 44, 55, 35, and 29. Approximately $60 million would go toward fixing the state’s lettered routes in rural Missouri. The rest would be used on a variety of transportation projects throughout the state. Seventeen of the proposed projects are already included in the state’s five-year construction program, but could be put on the fast track by up to four years. Projects would then be added to the statewide construction program to replace those that were accelerated. Seventeen are new projects that have been identified as regional priorities and on which environmental work and preliminary design are already under way. A complete list of the proposed projects can be found on MoDOT's Web site.