Track lighting fixture

The Halo MiniLUME adjustable-beam ceramic metal halide, low-voltage track fixture is designed for 20W or 39W T4.5 lamps and is meant to replace 75W and 90W PAR halogen sources. The fixture’s housing rotates 300° and tilts 90° to eliminate dead zones. Detents align with beam angle icons to allow repeatability at spot, narrow flood, and flood positions. The front bezel can accept color filters and beam modifying lenses. A glare shield provides additional cutoff.

Cooper Lighting
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Modular outlet/receptacle system

This system of electrical wiring devices uses a modular architecture to allow users to trade out standard outlets, GFCIs, switches, and dimmer switches without ever having to touch the wiring. The base module – into which the wiring devices snap - completely hides all wiring, making it safe for homeowners to avoid wiring while switching the devices. For the installer, the system’s patented junction box and mud shield keeps drywall mud out of the box, so it’s no longer necessary to clean out boxes before switches and outlets can be installed. The devices are available in 15A or 20A, 125VAC models.

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Optical fiber cable

The MCS Road Cable optical fiber cable is designed for installation in road surfaces where traditional trenching or boring isn’t feasible. The cable design and patented installation process allow for minimal business disruption and damage to existing roadway or pavement infrastructure. The cable is placed in a narrow groove cut in the road, parking lot, or sidewalk and secured with rubber hold-down foam. The remainder of the groove is filled with bitumen.

Corning Cable Systems
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Flashlight/AC voltage detector

The SenseLite combines a battery-powered, pocket-sized flashlight with a non-contact AC voltage detection circuit. Equipped with an LED indicator that will light up in the presence of AC voltage, the detector can detect 40VAC to 300VAC. The unit’s flashlight component is powered by a standard AAA battery and uses a 100,000-hr bulb. Measuring .63 in X .83 in. X 2.8 in., it can be worn as a key chain and clipped to a hat or sleeve for hands-free use.

B+K Precision
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