AC synchronous motor

At the heart of the DriveIT Direct Drive Solution is a low-base-speed permanent magnet AC motor designed for industrial applications that require high torque at low speeds. The AC synchronous permanent magnet motor won't experience rotor slip; the elimination of slip losses can increase efficiency from 1% to 3%. The permanent magnets in the motor create a constant flux in the air gap that eliminates the need for rotor windings or brushes normally used for excitation in synchronous motors. The motor has a power range from 22 hp to 670 hp and base speeds from 220 rpm to 600 rpm.

ABB, Inc., Automation Technologies
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Network cable analyzer

The standard 9V battery-powered model 240A handheld tester allows users to check Ethernet twisted-pair cables for faults like open circuits, shorts, crossed pairs, reversed pairs, and split pairs. The unit’s optional remote probe can be used to trace installed cables and locate areas of discontinuity. It includes one master unit and one remote, which is designed to slip into the master unit to prevent loss or damage. The tester also offers a tone generator function that when used with this company’s model 261 probe can trace cables and locate faults even when cables are in a bundle or hidden in a mess of punchdown blocks or wall plates.

B+K Precision
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Adjustable speed generator

The onboard power electronics in the OptiGen adjustable speed generator automatically adjusts the engine speed up or down while monitoring the electrical power consumed and maintains constant voltage and frequency output during all load conditions. If the load requirement is less than the rated output of the generator, it automatically reduces the engine RPM while still maintaining the desired output frequency. The adjustable speed generator is designed to provide as much as 250% rated power for electric motor starting. An optional UPS module allows for instantaneous switchover when power transfer time is critical.

Baldor Electric Co.
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Recessed lighting fixtures

In accordance with air flow requirements for energy conservation, the P83-ICAT compact fluorescent recessed light foregoes the several penetrations to the outer housing of the fixture standard in many lights that allow heated or cooled air to escape into the ceiling space. The light, which is Energy Star-approved, includes IC-rated recessed housings that raise the cost of compliance with state energy codes. It also has an electronic ballast for overall enhanced efficiency and "flicker-free" lamp starting.

Progress Lighting
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Liquidtight connectors

One-piece casting combines a grounding lug and gland nut on the Ground-Tite grounding liquidtight connector, allowing for simple ground wire termination. A slim compact design allows for a small turning radius, and a tapered threaded male hub NPT ease installation. The connectors include a locknut and sealing ring, and a long ferrule prevents pull-out and pop-out, both common in tight-bend conduit. Windows in the ferrule allow users to inspect for full engagement. They’re available in 45° and 90° models in sizes ranging from .375 in. to 5 in. A straight design is available from .375 in. to 6 in.

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