If your facility contains electrical equipment that may require maintenance while energized, that equipment must be marked with flash hazard warnings [110.16]. These markings alert people to the presence of a hazard, but they don't ensure the proper flash hazard analysis (per NFPA 70E) has been done for that equipment and that area.

Is there a tool you can use to ensure every piece of equipment has an up-to-date and complete flash hazard analysis? Yes, and you probably have it already.

Every modern maintenance department uses a CMMS. One of the great things about a CMMS is you can create any asset you want and schedule any activity for whenever you want. Take advantage of that.

For each piece of equipment that falls under NFPA 70E, schedule periodic maintenance of the Flash Protection Analysis. Ensure a PM for this analysis is triggered if there's an equipment change (e.g., breaker replacement). Depending on the CMMS, you can add a maintenance task for the existing asset or create a new virtual asset just for NFPA 70 analysis maintenance.