The Barracuda fishtape allows the user to lock the cams in place without kinks or gouges by simply pulling back on the Cam-Lock handle. Gaskets in the handle keep the tape free from dirt by squeegeeing it as it retracts. It’s available in carbon or stainless steel constructions of 100 ft and 200 ft.

BES Manufacturing
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Architectural striplight

The Metalux Basix is an architectural-style T8 striplight built around a standard fluorescent striplight design. The line consists of eight fixtures designed for contemporary commercial or retail applications. They can be used for surface-, cable-, or stem-mounted purposes in stand-alone or continuous row configurations. The eight optic choices can be installed to the standard striplight channel and include the Taper, Half Round, Acrylic Point, Perf Uplight, Perch Arch, Perf Mono, Frost Arch, and Frost Mono.

Cooper Lighting
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Hammer drill

The SBE750 .5-in. hammer drill offers .75-in. capacity in concrete, .5-in. capacity in steel, and 1.5-in. capacity in softwood. Using a goose neck depth gauge, the drill makes it possible to position the gauge tip close to the drill bit, increasing the accuracy of the drilling depth. The motor is equipped with an epoxy resin-coated field coil free of air inclusions, preventing overheating under heavy loads. Rated at 6.2A, with an input rating of 750W, the drill weighs 6.6 lbs.

Metabo Corp.
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LED drivers

Xitanium LED drivers can support general illumination and sign lighting as well as a variety of new construction and niche applications, including architectural and outdoor lighting, undercabinet lighting, and retail display. The drivers are rated for a 50,000-hr life. They don’t require special wiring because they're UL Class 2 and FCC Class B rated. They're currently available for 120V, constant output designs for 12W (350mA), 17W (700mA), 25W (1,050mA), and 40W (1,750mA) applications.

Advance Transformer Co.
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