The Powerbus 225 low-amp busway is designed for rapid installation and reliable power distribution. It’s rated at 225A and 100A and intended for use where conduit and cabling are typically installed. The busway is designed to specifications and built and tested at the plant, so end-users needn’t worry about conduit bending on-site.

Schneider Electric/Square D
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CD-ROM series

The Electrical Troubleshooting Skills (ETS) CD-ROM training series consists of three modules. “Basic Techniques” employs the “Five Step Troubleshooting Approach,” using animated graphics and text to explore 16 faults on a lighting circuit. “Basic Control Circuits” applies the system from the first module to a pushbutton-controlled door lock circuit consisting of relays, switches, lights, and a solenoid. The final module, “Motor Control Circuits,” consists of a 3-phase supply and a 120V control circuit that operates on a commercial garage door. The series is intended for everyone from college students to electrical maintenance workers.

L&K International Training
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Lead-acid battery

The Powersafe VX100F series of front terminal, valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries will last 10 years at 104°F. Positive plates made of pure lead, a polycarbonate/ABS blend for the battery’s case and cover, and a high-quality compression grommet post seal combine to extend the battery’s life. The battery terminal has a built-in brass insert bolted to an angled copper connecter fitted with a bolt, stainless steel nut, and washers to minimize installation time. They’re available in 8V and 12V models with a rated capacity of 100Ah.

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Control cables

The L-Flexx 690 line of control cables are 600V/90° rated and polyurethane jacketed. The diameter-reduced cables can withstand a bending radius as small as five times the outside diameter. The design, which features extra-fine stranded copper conductors, specially formatted insulation, and low-friction woven wrap, allows for as many as 18 million flex cycles. Available in unshielded and shielded versions with a selection of AWG sizes and number of conductors, the cables are also flame-retardant and resistant to abrasion, coolants, fuels, fungus, water, extremely cold temperatures, and UV rays.

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