Intertek a London-based testing, inspection, and certification services company, announced recently that it is deploying 18 energy-efficiency testing labs across North America, Europe, and Asia, and one global certification body in preparation for the Energy Star Enhanced Testing and Verification procedures, which will become effective December 31. The new Energy Star procedures will require manufacturers seeking use of the Energy Star label to submit products for testing in EPA-recognized laboratories and certification from Environmental Protection Agency- (EPA) recognized certification bodies. Intertek is actively working with EPA, and has enlisted nine accreditation bodies to gain the necessary scope accreditations across its energy-efficiency test labs and certification body.

Intertek is dedicating 18 of its energy-efficiency labs — nearly 30% of its commercial and electrical labs globally — specifically for Energy Star. These Energy Efficiency Centers of Excellence will work together to meet the testing capacity needs for manufacturers across all regions and Energy Star product categories, including appliances, home electronics, home and building envelope products, HVAC, information technology, lighting, and commercial food service equipment. Intertek will provide 24-hour Energy Star certification, after required testing parameters are met, to ensure time-to-market demands are met for manufacturers seeking Energy Star approvals.

“When manufacturers demand speed-to-market, and expert testing and certification services, our global network has always challenged the status quo to deliver faster, more efficient, and expert solutions,” says Gregg Tiemann, chief executive of Intertek’s Commercial and Electrical division. “Now for Energy Star, we have taken aggressive action to bring online testing-and-certification capacity to meet global manufacturers’ needs. With Intertek teams around the world and a 24-hour commitment to certification, we will meet even the most speed-conscious manufacturers’ needs.”