The InfraRed Information Exchange ’99 is scheduled for November 1 to 3, at San Diego, California. The meeting creates a forum to share information and learn of new technologies and applications in four education tracks: Applications/Case Studies; Cross Technologies—Thermography; Condition Monitoring Program; and Technologies. IRIE ’99 will help provide your company with insights into applying infrared and other condition monitoring technologies.

IRIE ’99 objectives:

• Educate and update veterans and new individuals alike.

• Provide a forum to develop and exchange application information ideas.

• Exchange and update information.

• Promote the discipline of infrared thermography and radiometry as a profession.

• To facilitate and promote the integration of infrared thermography as part of a multi-disciplinary condition.

To learn more, contact Jane Viventi at (888) 673-4743 or (250) 579-7677; or e-mail: