The world-reknown lighting training center, GE Lighting’s Lighting Institute, recently announced its upcoming conferences, which highlight various lighting applications. Also called the University of Light, the institute has a number of lighting experts on staff. Here is a peek at the seminars scheduled for the remainder of ’98:

  • Outdoor lighting design—October 28 to 30. This conference presents outdoor lighting solutions with regard to function, appearance, and safety.

  • Office and institutional lighting—November 4 to 6. This seminar offers a comprehensive look at new lighting tools and healthcare facilities.

  • Consulting engineers and lighting designers—November 11 to 13. A comprehensive presentation of the latest technology used in applications for those planning for commercial, institutional, retail, or industrial facilities.

  • Fundamentals of commercial and industrial lighting—November 16 to 20. This seminar provides basic commercial and industrial lighting product and application training for newcomers to the lighting industry.

To learn more about these and other conferences or to register, call the GE Lighting Institute at (800) 255-1200.