Fall protection equipment

This line of Miller arc-rated fall protection products guards workers from electric arc flash and arc-blast exposure. Harnesses feature DualTech webbing engineered with permanent fire-retardant properties. A Kevlar web loop on the harness back pad allows for a “metal-less” connection when used with a Kevlar shock-absorbing lanyard with a choke-off loop. Leather insulators under all metal hardware provide additional protection. Shock-absorbing lanyards (single- and double-legged models) and cross-arm anchorage straps are also available.
Circle 300

Self-retracting lifeline

Part of the Protecta JRG line, the AD230AG self-retracting lifeline incorporates 100 ft of 3/16-in. galvanized cable for vertical mobility. Weighing 27 lb, the device features a polyamide housing, a folding anchorage handle, and zinc-coated internal components for enhanced corrosion resistance. In addition, it offers a two pawl braking system to arrest a fall within 2 ft and complies with OSHA and ANSI standards.
Capital Safety
Circle 301

First aid kit

The Bite & Sting first aid kit is suitable for treating bites from snakes, spiders, and mosquitoes, as well as bee and wasp stings. Portable and refillable, the kit contains 1-in. × 3-in. adhesive bandages, alcohol pads, a disposable shaver, a sting and bite pump with nozzles, and sting relief wipes.
North Safety Products
Circle 302

Protective eyewear

The KleenGuard line of protective eyewear includes 20 new items. Impact-resistant and ANSI Z87.1+-compliant, the eyewear provides 99.9% protection from UVA and UVB rays, according to the company. Additional features include cushioned brows, gel nosepieces, flexible temples, dual wraparound designs, and mirrored lenses available in smoke, amber, clear, and clear over-the-glass (OTG). The OTG lens enables users to wear them over prescription eyewear.
Kimberly-Clark Professional
Circle 303

Electrical device enclosure

Outlet Armor protective box enclosures slide over switches, receptacles, and GFCIs and cover the terminating screws to prevent accidental contact in the event the device is energized. Constructed of a UL-approved PVC compound rated to 600VAC, the product's flexible straps and spacers are designed to fit various width and depth devices. Once installed, the company says Outlet Armor will not interfere with the installation or function of the outlet or switch.
Shock Guard Safety Products
Circle 304