Power supplies

TRIO general-purpose power supplies feature a rugged, zinc-plated steel housing that measures between 32 mm and 115 mm wide. The power supplies address applications requiring 2.5A to 20A of 24VDC power and feature the same output regulation as the company's Quint, Mini, and Step power supply products. In accordance with IEC 61709, the products have a mean-time-between-failure (MTBF) rating of more than 500,000 hr. In addition, they operate in temperatures ranging from 0°C to 70°C and offer a 55°C nominal operating temperature without de-rating. Other product features include a built-in LED diagnostic indication, adjustable 2.25VDC to 29.5VDC output, and three DC grounding terminals.
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Emergency battery pack

This upgraded version of the Mercmaster III emergency battery pack luminaire features electronic ballasts suited for higher wattage lamps up to 84W. UL-listed for continuous and semicontinuous normal usage in industrial areas prone to excessive moisture, severe weather conditions, dirt, dust, and corrosion, the device is enclosed and gasketed for enhanced environmental protection. In addition, it features an epoxy-powder coat finish. Available optics include globe, refractor (NEMA II or V), and an enclosed reflector. Mounting holds include a cone-shaped pendant, standard pendant, and wall, as well as a 25° angle and straight stanchion.
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External power supply

The TRG30R series of 30W external power supplies meets the July 2008 Level IV, global energy requirements of the California Energy Commission, and Energy Star. Measuring 4.24 in. × 2.27 in. × 1.32 in., the device features a 90VAC to 264VAC input and offers fully regulated, single-output models ranging from 9VDC to 24VDC. The company says standby power consumption is less than 0.5W, and efficiency is 75% typical. RoHS-compliant, the product has an operating temperature of 0°C to 40°C with de-rated power through 60°C.
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Pure lead battery

The SBS145F is a thin-plate pure lead (TPPL) VRLA battery that provides enhanced protection against corrosion and offers a 10-plus year design life. According to the company, the product's unique grid design offers a higher energy density than traditional VRLA batteries and reduces its footprint. Specifications for the 12V battery include a nominal capacity of 148Ah at the 8-hr rate and 151Ah at the 10-hr rate. Weighing 100 lb, the device has a wide operating temperature range from -40°C to 50°C and measures 17.9 in. × 6.8 in. × 9.4 in. Its terminal fasteners are M6 M, and it has up to a two-year shelf life. It is also available in a top terminal configuration that is 1 in. shorter in length and has M6 F terminal fasteners.
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Power distribution units

HP 8.6kVA and 11kVA 3-phase modular power distribution units (PDUs) include a 3-phase input plug and six IEC C19 outlets. Featuring a modular design with control units and extension bars, up to 42 outlets per modular PDU are available. Additional product features include a 1U/0U rack space-saving design, enhanced cable management and accessibility, attached power cords, and a limited three-year warranty.
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PoE midspan

The Ultra PoE POE480U is a 60W, 4-port midspan. Measuring 17.5 in. × 8.98 in. × 1.75 in., the midspan's data networks are available with 10BASE-T, 100BASE-T, and 1000BASE-T data rates. In addition, the device features safety and protection systems designed to meet the IEEE 802.3 standards. According to the company, the outputs are equipped with short-circuit and overload protection, and the output can be shorted permanently without damage. Overtemperature protection allows the product to automatically shut down without being damaged. The voltage range of the AC input is 90VAC to 264VAC, with AC input frequency from 47Hz to 63Hz. An optional DC input is also available.
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Portable PDUs

The PowerWeb product line includes five indoor and five outdoor portable power distribution centers ranging from 30A to 100A for generators and temporary power hookups from 7,500W to 25kW. Each device features a rugged “sled” frame and a corrosion-resistant aluminum enclosure with powder-coated lid in a high-visibility green color. Each receptacle includes an individual GFCI that monitors the receptacle and trips only the affected one when an open neutral or reverse polarity fault condition is detected. Outdoor models include heavy-duty, metal, while-in-use bubble covers for weatherproof cord protection. Locking outlets are included to allow users to daisy chain multiple models together.
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Power packs

The Universal Voltage Power Pack (UVPP) and Universal Voltage Power Pack with Manual On/Off Control (UVPPM) automatically detect input line voltage from 100VAC to 277VAC. Both power packs are capable of switching 20A loads and feature zero arc point switching technology that, according to the company, minimizes relay contact wear associated with high rush inloads. The UVPPs supply power for up to four sensors and can be used with the company's auxiliary relay device (MPSA) to control multiple circuits. In addition, the UVVPM control works with low-voltage momentary switches and is suitable for applications where users require manual on/off and automatic off control.
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