Single Line Drawing Generator

This online drawing tool is an application-based Internet approach to generating specifications. The Single Line Drawing Generator (SLDG) was created for electrical design and engineering firms who fully understand the energy codes and best practices approach to lighting controls. The SLDG is based upon user-selected criteria, selecting and deleting options with a click of a mouse. Once a drawing is generated, it can be previewed over a browser and then output in AutoCAD. Visit the Web site below to download.
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Simply Lighting

The suite of Simply Lighting products helps users determine the correct number of luminaires for most projects. Each application, which uses the Windows operating system for an easy-to-use graphical user interface, leads users through a few simple steps to create a complete, accurate lighting layout and make comparisons on different design scenarios. All software comes with a photometric library of approximately 20,000 products from 70 manufacturers, enabling users to search for products using a variety of manufacturer-supplied criteria. Using IES, CIBSE, and EULUMDAT photometric file formats, the software also includes free 30-day product support and is available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian.
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Luxicon, Version 2.5

Luxicon, Version 2.5 is a lighting design and specification software program for industrial and hazardous locations. For indoor and outdoor layouts, the software helps users calculate horizontal, vertical, or surface luminance by selecting from a library of pre-defined objects and architectural items or by using full calculation methods. It also accounts for daylight effects and varying ambient temperatures. Luxicon automatically calculates these variables and indicates how many luminaires are needed. Available graphically or in text form, output data can be displayed with point-by-point calculation grids or via iso-luminance contour values.
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AGi32, Version 1.9

With the latest update released in May 2006, Version 1.9 of the company's existing AGi32 lighting design and rendering software now includes 17 new or revised features, creating photometrically accurate lighting simulations. The program's animated rendering feature offers designers the ability to create multi-scene animations (movies) from lighting project renderings. Several high-level additions have also been made to the software's ray-trace processing, glossy surface support, shadow softening and Perlin noise cloud cover to enhance presentation images, bringing them closer to photorealism. Additional enhancements include 3D photometric web, sophisticated project management, and improved 3D import functionality. Download a demo of AGi32 1.9 from the company's Web site.
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