Smart Maintenance

Designed to make operations run smoothly, Smart Maintenance helps users reduce downtime and maximize maintenance activities. Combining preventive and predictive maintenance, work order, inventory, and tool crib management features in one package, this tool is intended to minimize equipment and repair costs, maximize equipment reliability, and increase equipment efficiency, life cycles, capacity utilization, and labor productivity. In addition, the software helps users analyze historical maintenance issues and help predict future events. Receive automated e-mail notifications for maintenance events, and locate maintenance “hotspots” in your facility.
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FaciliWorks 7 Desktop and FaciliWorks 8i

Available in desktop and Web-based formats (FaciliWorks 7 Desktop and FaciliWorks 8i), this computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) helps users to reduce maintenance costs, optimize inventory and purchasing, implement standards and compliance regulations, and improve overall reliability of their maintenance management program. This tool identifies and tracks assets requiring maintenance, and generates work orders automatically according to a schedule or manually from service requests. An inventory management module maintains detailed records on all tools, parts, personnel, and work procedures. Fleet maintenance features help you record and analyze fuel and oil consumption, tire wear, and other operating costs.
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ProTeus Professional

Capable of handling up to eight concurrent users, ProTeus Professional is a CMMS solution developed to fit the needs of small- to medium-sized facilities. With this tool, work orders can be created, updated, and closed from a single screen. The platform also offers the following optional modules: ProTeus Alarm Interface (PAI), which facilitates instantaneous activation of work orders from popular building automation systems; Service Request/ProLink, which allows users to send service requests from their desktops using a Web browser; Barcode, which provides remote data entry through hand-held scanners; and Mobile, which allows technicians to create work orders in the field, record parts used for repairs, and update labor from a hand-held PDA.
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Featuring an intuitive interface and user-friendly design, COGZ Preventive Maintenance software integrates preventive maintenance work orders, scheduled work orders, inventory control, and purchase order management in one tool. Minimizing operator input during startup, the maintenance process is automated for more effective facility maintenance management. Preventive maintenance tasks are scheduled by days, miles, or meter readings. Any tasks that are not completed within the cycle are rescheduled the next time you generate equipment PM tasks. Work orders are not misplaced because they are automatically regenerated until completed.
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