System design software

ETAP 4.7.0 is the latest version of this company’s electrical system design and analysis software that pulls features from previous releases, such as load flow, short-circuit, harmonic analysis, and transient stability, and combines them in one platform. Enhancements to the graphical interface and the one-line diagram ease the design process. Data exchange protocols now include DXF, XML, and CVS formats.

Operations Technology
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Measuring tape

The Power-Return tape measure is now available in a 25-ft x 1.25-in. model. The tape measure offers a rare earth magnetic tip that holds it in place on iron and steel surfaces. A two-step lock button located near the top of the case allows the user to either slow the retraction of the blade or hold the blade in place. A non-slip jacket protects the case and end hook. Oversized black numbers on the first 11 in. make reading measurements easier, and a built-in shock absorber protects the blade tip.

Klein Tools
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LED bulbs

The dynaLUX family of LEDs includes four styles of bulbs for various accent and decorative applications. The bulbs consume as little as 1W and reduce energy usage by as much as 80% when compared to incandescent lamps of similar brightness. The LEDison model is the more traditional alternative to incandescent lighting, while the G45 is designed for more decorative purposes. The R63 model features a reflective coating for added brightness and general illumination equivalent to incandescent bulbs as strong as 60W. The FlameTip features a curved design similar to incandescent chandelier bulbs.

Mule Lighting
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Heavy-duty cord

Sunlight resistant, flame resistant, and able to perform in –60°C to 105°C temperatures, ResistAll cord is designed for use in extreme conditions. The cord is 00-rated to resist oil and water in both the conductor insulation and outer jacket. It will roll and unroll without kinking and is available in high-visibility yellow and black.

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