Electricsmarts.com recently unveiled a new customized "Contractor View" configuration specifically for electrical contractors. The site offers several new resources for contractors, including:

A desk reference, which helps contractors find distributors using an online directory, shows them how to use CAD more efficiently, and highlights hot technologies;

Estimating software, which links contractors to a variety of electronic solution packages;

Electrical safety, which links users to information from NESF and gives helpful hints on how to avoid job safety problems;

Code resources, which provide helpful information and tips on code compliance; and

Market information, which enables contractors to learn about trends in the industry and scroll through a list of major competitors.

The site also provides practical aids such as where to find subcontractors or rental equipment when doing a job out of state, how to dispose of hazardous waste in an unfamiliar community, and how to find travel directions to a new job site. For more information, call (877) 400-9885 or visit www.electricsmarts.com.