As a result of its commitment to safety in the workplace, Sargent Electric Company's field forces have successfully performed 1,000,000 manhours of construction work without a single lost time injury.

While keeping a superior safety record, Sargent Electric, Pittsburgh, has exceeded national averages for recordable injuries by more than 60%.

With more than 75 significant projects underway in multiple states, Sargent Electric credits its accomplishments in workplace safety to several factors.

"The commitment of all our supervisors at every level to achieve our safety goals is key to the success we have enjoyed," says Greg Woodworth, corporate safety director (who oversees the program with the help of trained safety managers.

"We reward our people through our registered-trademark incentive program called We Prize Safety," says Woodworth. "Through it, all of our electrical workers are able to win monthly prizes for safe work practices. Our supervisors are eligible for quarterly prizes as well. To top things off, each year four of our foremen and their spouses are the winners of a seven-day Caribbean cruise under the We Prize Safety program.

"Those 1,000,000 manhours represent the equivalent of a full year's work for 500 electricians; in this case, without a single lost time injury," says Woodworth.