Starting with the July 1999 issue, you’ll no longer see “Letters to the Editor” and “Readers’ Quiz” in the printed magazine. Instead, you’ll find them by visiting our website at

“Readers’ Quiz” will fold into the website page titled “Electrical Q & A.” Instead of writing a question, mailing it in, waiting for us to publish it, and then waiting for an answer, just visit our website and e-mail the question. Other visitors will then e-mail their answers to you. We’ll update the answers every week and include new questions every two weeks.

“Letters to the Editor” will have its own page. We’ll include any responses from the authors of articles you may cite.

Both pages will be moderated forums. In other words, we’ll review the received e-mail messages for suitability and usefulness. Of course, we’ll keep our other moderated forum called “Electri-Chat.”

You may wonder why we’re making these changes. For one thing, we feel electronic communication is a more efficient way for you to express your opinions and concerns about various topics. It also allows for a quicker response to your technical questions. Furthermore, it frees up pages in the magazine for more technical articles on the National Electrical Code, power quality, circuit protection, and datacom wiring—just to name a few. As you can see, it’s a win-win situation.

If you’re having a problem “navigating” through our website, please e-mail me at or use the e-mail link provided in our website. I’ll check it out with our Web master, Technical Editor Mark Lamendola, and get back to you with an explanation or suitable instructions.

Keep us in mind the next time you’re surfing the Web for electrical information or want to express your opinion. We’re interested in what you have to say.