Coleman Cable Systems recently launched a "Cutting" Program available to its entire distributor network. Under the program, Coleman's complete line of industrial cables can now be cut to any length specified by the customer and shipped within 24 hr.

These products include: Control Cables (NEC Art. 400 and associated articles), PPE Cables (portable power cable with mechanical toughness and high amperage capacity), Compact 600 Cables (small diameter flexing cable), and DLO Cables (diesel locomotive cable).

"Wholesalers can now market themselves as a full line industrial distributor without having the expense of carrying additional inventory," says Chuck Wright, Coleman Cable Systems' Vice-President Electrical Group.

"Contractors can get the product almost immediately instead of having to factor in long lead times. And of course, the customer benefits by only having to purchase the exact amount of cable that is needed for the job."

Coleman invested approximately $150,000 in equipment for this new program, close to $800,000 in stocking inventory, and more than 150,000 sq ft in the company's new distribution center located in Waukegan, Ill.