BICSI has added a 25,000-sq-ft addition to its world headquarters in Tampa, Fla. The addition expands administrative space and the headquarters' training facilities.

To design and manage the technology infrastructure of the existing and new constructions, BICSI used an organizational model called Division 17-Telecommunications. Division 17 organizes the requirements of a technology infrastructure installation in a model compatible with the Construction Specifications Institute's (CSI) MasterFormat, the most widely used format in the non-residential construction industry.

At the beginning of the project, BICSI turned to corporate member Archi-Technology, LLC - the developer of the Division 17 model - for assistance. Archi-Technology created detailed telecommunications (T) series drawings and three-part formatted specifications common to MasterFormat, to provide better communication between contractors and suppliers. These drawings now serve as a base line to manage the infrastructure. To simplify the management process, the drawings - along with other installation documentation - were made so they could be viewed using a Web browser.

BICSI has made these drawings available to its members and to others in the telecommunications and construction industry. Visit to view them.