With a little tightening of the attenuation requirements, Berk-Tek, New Holland, Pa., A Nexans company (formed from Alcatel Cables and Components) recently announced its LANmark[TM]-1000 series riser- and plenum-enhanced UTP copper and patch cables will receive independent certification. These products meet the latest specifications to TIA/EIA 568-B.2-1 Cat. 6 Draft 7 and ISO/IEC 11801 Draft N598.

Berk-Tek received certificates of conformance from ITS ETL SEMKO, a division of Intertek Testing Services Ltd., for riser, plenum, and patch cables. "Almost any time there have been significant revisions to the standards of the Cat 6 cable, regarding performance or other requirements, we've been one of the first to be ETL verified," says Eric Lawrence, RCDD, Berk-Tek technical marketing manager. He says that Berk-Tek has consistently verified its products with each new requirement.

The products will carry the ETL-verified mark. For more information on this certification, call (800) 237-5835 or visit www.berktek.com.