No, I don't claim to be part of the psychic network. Nor do I take part in tarot card readings. But, I do know what you think about EC&M. How so? That's easy to answer.

Each year we ask our research department to coordinate a readership study that helps us better understand your views of the magazine. We use the results of the study to help shape our editorial content for the coming months. For example, if the study reveals power quality and reliability are important to you (our editorial focus for this month's issue), then we'll dig up more information and write more articles on these topics. That way, we're sure to cover the topics that are most important to you.

So you want to know what's on your mind? According to our latest survey results (collected from a statistically reliable sample of our readership in March and April), more than two-thirds of you rate EC&M "excellent" or "very good" in meeting your needs. Most of you describe our editorial style as "written appropriately and concise, easy to read." You also rate EC&M as "the most useful magazine as compared to its competitors." Our editorial team takes pride in these facts.

And what types of articles do you find most interesting? Well, I know you consider the National Electrical Code to be the most important editorial topic. This is no surprise to us. This has been the case for years. And rounding out your top choices, you're also interested in grounding, installation techniques, safety, design practices, circuit protection, motors and controllers, basic electrical theory and calculations, power distribution, new products, testing and monitoring, lighting, harmonics, and maintenance. Many of you also have special interests in the areas of sound and video, voice/data communications, fire, life safety, security systems, and power quality.

Have I missed anything? If so, drop me a line and let me know. As you can see, it really is in your best interest to share your opinions with us.

And don't forget to complete and return the next reader profile survey, so I can continue to read your mind.