Portable lighting

The Wobble Light is a durable and portable light that can withstand worksite environments. The light has an impact resistant body and a counter weighted hemispherical base that quickly returns the light upright if knocked over. Protected by a floating shock system and bulletproof dome, the 500W halogen bulb produces 360° light. It’s cool to the touch, measures 3 ft in height, and weighs 20 lb.

Wobble Light, LLC

For more information, visit www.wobblelight.com.

Assembly system

The ClickAndGo perforated bottom cable tray system is designed for new cable tray installation, inspection, and repair. The fittings come flat and are hand-folded in the field at the time of installation, eliminating the need for costly field fabrication. The cable trays are manufactured from .89-mm galvanized mill carbon steel, in accordance with ASTM 525 G 90 coating specifications. They’re UL classified and designed for field assembly and use in accordance with the National Electrical Code.

Innova Technologies, LLC

For more information, visit www.Click-n-Go.cc.

Electrical hole cutting tool

The Perfect Cutter is designed for building contractors, remodelers, drywallers, and voice, data, and video installers to cut electrical holes. The tool integrates a template system with a router and a powerful vacuum. The templates are designed to cut a variety of holes, such as outlets, lighting, and voice, data, and video connectors. The high-speed router cuts a clean, accurate hole while the vacuum securely adheres the tool and the chosen template against the surface to remove the resulting dust and debris.

Python Tools

For more information, visit www.pythontools.com.