Pilot devices

The XP series of explosion-proof pilot devices includes LED pilot lights; pushbuttons; dual pushbuttons; standard and keyed, two- and three-position selector switches; illuminated pushbuttons; push-to-test operators; potentiometers, and “E-stops.” All of the operators are UL- and CSA-listed for Class I, Div.1 and 2 applications and are available in short- and long-barrel models, and several operators are available with various contact block configurations to meet specific needs.

Akron Electric
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AFCI breaker tester

The AS1000 Arc Smart arc-fault circuit breaker field tester works with all manufacturers' AFCI breakers on both 15A and 20A circuits. The unit simulates parallel arcs with a pulsed, high-speed, 75A resistive load. The unit also supplies simulated nuisance arcing to test for unwanted tripping, as well as a 5A ground arc test.

Fox Meter
For more information, visit www.arcfaulttester.com/pdf/as1000.pdf.

Service entrance cable system

The 1850-SE service entrance cable system includes mineral insulated cable, which is designed to neither release toxic fumes nor propagate flame during a fire, and an enclosed steel tray, despite the fact that the cable can be crushed to half its original diameter and still remain electrically functional. The cable, which complies with Art. 695 and 700 of the 1999 NEC, is produced in 300V and 600V ranges and is suitable for Class I, Div. 1 and 2 hazardous locations, when fitted with appropriate terminations

Tyco Thermal Controls
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Infrared thermometer and digital camera

The PhotoTemp MX6 combines the features of an infrared thermometer and digital camera in one device. The unit uses a coaxial laser sighting system to highlight the area under measurement and is capable of taking as many as 100 temperature measurements. Measurements and digital photographs can be stored in the camera and later uploaded to a PC for analysis and reporting using the company’s software. It features a backlit display with 30 pre-set emissivity values, a built-in flash for low-light conditions, and a focus setting that adjusts to both long-distance and close-focus situations.

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