The American Subcontractors Association Inc. (ASA), Alexandria, Va, and epipeline inc., Atlanta, recently announced an industry partnership that gives ASA's 6500 subcontractor, supplier, and service provider members special access to business development services for federal contractors and subcontractors that bid on federal government contracts. The platform is designed to maximize government-based revenues, while minimizing business development costs.

"In the case of project collaboration, the incentive for subcontractors to use new technologies usually comes from the general contractors," says ASA Executive Vice President E. Colette Nelson. "Subcontractors need to take the initiative themselves to find and use services like epipeline's that help them identify business opportunities. This partnership gives business development professionals a premium, Internet-based conduit for researching and managing federal government contracting opportunities."

This partnership allows ASA members to access the epipeline Web site through the ASA Web site and take advantage of discounted services. It also connects teaming partners, facilities intercompany communication, and delivers market intelligence directly to users' desktops.