Electrical tester

Users of the CMT-80 multi-function meter don't need to select a measurement function because the device is equipped with an automatic selection feature that chooses from current, voltage, and resistance. Approved for CAT III 600V applications, the meter is designed with a low-impedance input to minimize ghost voltage. It measures AC/DC voltage, resistance, continuity, and AC amperage. It’s also equipped with a data hold feature that allows the end-user to capture and save important readings. The tester is UL-3111-1 approved.

Greenlee Textron
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Two-in-one tester

The Industrial ScopeMeter 124 is designed for industrial and plant maintenance engineers who regularly need to measure and check waveforms of systems dominated by electronics-based machinery. In addition to functioning as a dual-channel oscilloscope, it operates as a dual-channel, 5,000-count, true rms multimeter. It features 20 memory configurations for measurement storage and setup information. Additional on-screen cursor measurements supplement the 26 built-in automatic measurements. A rechargeable battery pack, alligator clips, shielded BNC adapter, hook clips, line adapter, and shielded test leads are also included.

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Cable management systems

The Netfloor cable management system is designed for routing data, phone, fiber optics, and power cabling. Using four components – the unipanel, base connector, central cap, and flank cap – the system creates a low-profile raised flooring with integrated raceways. It’s a completely floating system, so it doesn't need to be secured to the subfloor. Cables can be extruded from the floor up through grommets into modular walls or directly to the desktop. Floor boxes, which can be used as termination points, have two divided gang locations per side. The system meets CISCA guidelines.

Multilink Broadband
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Wet-environment motors

The W21 cast iron-framed motors are covered in a two-part white epoxy paint that makes them suitable for high humidity- and wet-environments. The motors, which are available in power ranges from 1 hp to 30 hp, are equipped with a stainless steel shaft and a labyrinth taconite shaft seal. They’re NEMA MG1 Part 31 rated for inverter use and are manufactured with a Class F insulation system with Class B temperature rise.

WEG Electric Motors Corp.
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