Canadian-based Eontech Group Inc.'s premier subsidiary company, Aluminum-Power, has developed proprietary technology in the design, chemistry, and manufacturing of aluminum and oxygen fuel cells for the advancement of alternative power sources.

While most energy cell technologies rely on gas or liquid, the aluminum fuel cell derives its power from a solid-state fuel. The Al-fuel cell is an oxygen and aluminum fuel cell that offers high, sustained power over an extended period. It's an environmentally sound solution to depleting fossil fuels and increasing air pollution. Because of the relative density of its power source, more energy can be liberated over a much longer period of time at a considerably reduced cost.

Compared to traditional rechargeable lead-acid batteries, the Al-fuel cell is about seven times more energy dense and occupies up to 1/10 of the space. The emission-free oxidation of aluminum provides a power supply unmatched in terms of cost, efficiency, energy density, and output power.

Since the Al-fuel cell is scalable, its applications range from consumer mobile electronics to electric vehicles to medical instruments or industrial plants. To learn more about Al-fuel cells, visit