In response to increased interest in the energy business marketplace, Atlanta-based AEE Market Research is introducing a series of market research reports that support market development and strategic planning for those engaged in the energy business. With comprehensive analyses, these reports provide market assessments and forecasts, identification of market opportunities, discussions of trends, profiles of key players, and the most current market data available.

Four market research reports are available now, with several more titles scheduled for release throughout 2010. Current reports include:

  • “Smart Grid Report” examines one of the most dynamic growth markets of the next decade, provides insight into current and projected spending, key players and contacts, and product opportunities. The next 10 years will see $400 billion invested in various smart grid technologies. The smart grid is envisioned as providing a communications network for the energy industry similar to that which the Internet now provides for business and personal communications.
  • “Carbon Reduction Report” provides comprehensive analyses of the carbon reduction marketplace, with reviews of legislation, assessments of carbon mitigation technologies, discussions of carbon offset trading, profiles of key players, and more. Categorized into 12 market segments, the report also assesses current and projected spending, CO2 reduction potential, market drivers and market barriers, recent developments, leading edge companies, and research groups to watch.
  • “Utility Energy Storage Report” explores the utility energy storage market, which is projected to top $2.5 billion by 2015. Eight technologies — batteries, compressed air storage, flywheels, hydrogen, superconducting magnetic energy storage, thermal energy storage, ultra capacitors, and vehicle-to-grid — will compete head-to-head in this market.
  • “Venture Capital for Energy Innovation Report” is a comprehensive guide to opportunities for both startups and venture capitalists (VCs). VC firms provided $19.3 billion in funding to energy-focused startups in 2008. Recent VC-funded energy innovations include: algae-based bio fuels, cellulosic ethanol, concentrator-based solar power generation, cylindrical solar panels, electro-chemical energy storage systems, energy storage systems for wind farms, enhanced geothermal systems, LED light bulbs, low-cost PV cells, modular-scale nuclear power generation, municipal waste-to-bio fuel conversion, small-scale hydrogen generators for fuel-cell vehicles, tidal turbine generators, and wave energy generating system.

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