Workers in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries have derived many benefits from earlier versions of product portfolio management (PPM) software over the years, but a recent survey found that they're now looking for programs with enterprise-wide benefits. The Aberdeen Group conducted the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Project Portfolio Management survey in the spring and summer of 2004 and found that one of the contributing factors to the construction industry's low productivity rate is the standalone nature of technologies used. The survey indicated that one of the capabilities that PPM buyers most desired was greater cross-project visibility via a centralized database. Several firms wanted greater integration between PPM products and back-office finance/accounting technologies. The survey found that traditional firms are still focused on improving a project manager's productivity and little else while leading-edge firms are interested in tackling productivity improvements and are looking at benefits that cross multiple projects and deliver value in other ways besides making project managers more efficient. Leading-edge firms are asking for or developing wireless applications for jobsites, using Web-serviced-based applications, and getting out of the (non-value-added) IT support activities that used to be handled by project managers.