It looks like demand for ADSL is increasing, with no end in sight for Corning Cable Systems, Hickory, N.C. During the first two quarters of 2000, the broadband access company shipped more than 1.5 million full rate ADSL Plain Old Telephone Services (POTS) splitters and more than 1.4 million distributed filters worldwide. Compared to this time last year, the company's POTS splitter business has more than tripled.

Corning Cable has received many orders for this passive device that splits POTS and data frequency on a twisted copper pair for wire line access technology. Given this performance, the company expects to ship at least 3 million full rate POTS splitters by the end of the year.

"ADSL technology is one of many recent product offerings that will carry high-speed data from the central office to the home," says Marty Curran, Corning Cable Systems Senior Vice President and General Manager of Hardware and Equipment Operations. "ADSL is today's enabling technology that will allow telco customers to have the world at their fingertips. Long-term, we're working on additional fiber products that offer high speed data, video, and voice communications."

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