Winner No. 1: Charles Meyer, Maintenance Supervisor - Projects San Francisco General Hospital Medical Center

After reviewing the aforementioned photo of damaged alternate electric branch supply to parking lot lighting, the most applicable Code section appears to be Article 347, Rigid NonMetallic Conduit, specifically Section 347-3 (c) Uses Not Permitted, Physical Damage. "Rigid nonmetallic conduit shall not be installed where subject to physical damage, unless identified for such use." I do not believe the raceway in the photograph was identified for such use, and the scale of the photograph was such that I could not discern the manufacturer's identification markings. Other considerations for this installation are:

1. Had the raceway been encased in concrete to protect it from damage, it may have been acceptable to the Authority Having Jurisdiction.

2. Use of nonmetallic raceway where exposed to direct sunlight is contra-indicated due to the deleterious effect of ultraviolet radiation on non-metallic components.

3. Nonmetallic raceways have a much greater modulus of expansion than their metallic counterparts, thus necessitating the use of expansion joints, again, specifically identified for such use. Additionally, the raceway as shown may not be of the proper type to withstand the expected ambient temperatures; Sections 347-9 & 347-3, (d), (e) and 347-9.

4. As this installation does not appear to be of such caliber of workmanship to be accepted by most Authorities having Jurisdiction, I question whether the work was undertaking under proper permit, thus causing the whole of the installed work in this area to be reviewed by the local building department.

Winner No. 2: Jakob T. Wipf, second year student in the Electrical Construction and Wiring Apprenticeship training program at Ulster County, B.O.C.E.S in Port Ewen, NY.

First, all three conduits where pulled apart by vertical movement. This is a violation of Section 300-5(j). The installer shall provide expansion joints to prevent damage from movement by settlement or frost heaves of fill material.

Secondly, it is in violation of Section 410-15 (b)(1) where raceway Riser or cable is not installed within the pole, a nipple shall be brazed or welded to the pole "OPPOSITE THE HANDHOLE" for the supply connection.