A single electrical industry Web site tops both “Link Popularity” lists of the most-often-linked resources on the National Electrical Code and electrical construction education. NEC expert andCEE News contributing editor Mike Holt's Web site at www.mikeholt.com is on Electrical Find's list of the most popular electrical Web sites – in terms of the number of other sites that provide links to them.

Among other resources of note that you’ll find on Mike’s site, The National Electrical Code Internet Connection, are:

1. Free lessons on key changes included in the 2002 National Electrical Code. You will have to register (free) to access this information.

2. A regularly updated online Code Quiz, and the NEC Graphic of the Week.

3. A Code Forum, where Code issues are discussed by industry members. Additionally, you’ll be able to register (free) for online newsletters from Holt on a variety of electrical construction issues and interests. These will be delivered periodically to your e-mail in-box.