Allied Moulded Products, manufacturer of fiberglass reinforced, non-metallic outlet boxes for residential construction, has obtained a unique UL fire rating. The company's outlet boxes can now be installed without heeding the 24-inch horizontal box separation requirement outlined in the Uniform Building Code. The box separation can now be reduced to as little as three inches without using any additional fire-resistant protection. The company's boxes can be mounted in the same stud cavity of fire-rated walls with no added protection.

“We've been telling the trade for years that Allied outlet boxes can truly take the heat. Now we've got solid proof backed by Underwriters Laboratories Test Results,” said David Gordon, residential products sales manager.

According to Allied, the outlet-box fire rating eliminates the cost of additional insulation and the resulting box-prep costs, saving the contractor a minimum of 75% in installation costs. UL documentation is available on the Allied Moulded Web site at and is listed in the UL Fire Resistance Directory.