An unattended self-service motor fuel dispensing facility requires an emergency control for remote pumping systems that must be a clearly identified, and a readily accessible switch or other acceptable means that must be located remote from the dispensing devices.

The emergency control's purpose is to disconnect simultaneously all conductors of the circuit from the source of supply, including the grounded conductor, if any. This switch is required to be installed at a location “acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction,” but must be more than 20 ft but less than 100 ft from the dispensers. Additional emergency controlsare required tobe installed on each group of dispensers or the outdoor equipment used to control the dispensers. Emergency controls must shut off all power to all dispensing equipment at the station. Controls must be manually reset only in a manner approved by the authority having jurisdiction. This emergency control was installed within 18 ft from the dispensers. See the new definition of “Authority Having Jurisdiction” in Article 100, 514.11(C) and [NFPA 30A, 6.7.2].