The Lower Manhattan Development Corp. and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey unveiled the following six proposals in July. They then decided to go back to the drawing boards and organize an international competition. Here are the sketches and descriptions of the initial proposals.


This concept plan creates an eight-acre plaza west of an extended Greenwich Street, with sites for memorials and buildings for museum/cultural uses. West Street express traffic is submerged in a tunnel, and local traffic is carried on a reduced surface boulevard, to allow the open space and memorial or cultural facilities to expand to the west. A tall, freestanding mixed-use tower is located on the northwest corner of the site, with an antenna or sculptural top that marks the skyline.


This concept plan creates a 10-acre square framed by 10-story buildings. A multi-level public arcade surrounds the square and connects to retail levels and transit systems. Rooftop gardens of the low buildings are connected by a continuous public walkway that surrounds and overlooks the square, creating an upper level of public open space. The tallest tower has an antenna or sculptural top that marks the skyline. Four city blocks to the south of the site are acquired to create a new cultural district and park spaces connecting Broadway to the waterfront.


This concept plan creates a five-acre triangular public open space with Greenwich Street extending through the site. New memorial, cultural and commercial facilities enclose this open space to the west, with a central public pavilion. A major east-west pedestrian route passes through a series of open and enclosed spaces, including the pavilion, which provides access to memorial facilities and a below-grade transit concourse.


This concept plan creates a four-acre open space between an extended Greenwich Street and West Street. Memorial or cultural uses occupy the southwest corner of the site. Fulton Street is extended from Church Street to Greenwich Street, and further east by a multi-level pedestrian concourse, which connects by bridge to the Winter Garden upper level. The tallest of five office towers overlooks the new open space, and has an antenna or sculptural top, which marks the skyline.


This concept plan creates a memorial site within a six-acre park that is partially situated on a deck over West Street. Two buildings for museum or cultural uses complete the park's enclosure. A new public square is created on a block west of St. Paul's Chapel. The plan requires the acquisition of part of the plaza of the Deutsche Bank building and the parking lot at Cedar and West Streets.


This concept plan creates a large oval park on a deck above West Street, as well as new public squares, memorial sites and sites for a museum and other important low-rise cultural buildings positioned to be visible from beyond the site. A grand promenade extends south along West Street to Battery Park, lined with trees or plants to remember each of the victims.

Source: Lower Manhattan Development Corp.