At the age of 8, Allan Green began watching “This Old House” with his father, who worked in the building trades. As the years went by, he wondered what it would be like to be part of the “This Old House” crew. Two decades later, in the winter of 2000, his company rewired a home not far from the historic Santa Barbara, Calif., mission.

“It was a really interesting process for many of us in this trade,” said Green, estimator and project manager for Blum and Sons Electric, Carpinteria, Calif. “To finally be on it after watching it for 20 years was a good experience.”

In last month’s cover story, we detailed the experiences of three electrical stars on “This Old House,” including Allen Gallant, Lexington, Mass.; Pete Woodbury, Manchester, Mass.; and Paul Kennedy, Methuen, Mass. This month, we cast three more electricians in the spotlight, including Green of Blum and Sons Electric; Sally Bates Hall, Nantucket, Mass.; and Rick Rose, West Palm Beach, Fla.

While Green worked on a Craftsman-style bungalow, Hall and her team of electricians fished wire through horsehair plaster walls in an 1887 Victorian cottage for the 1996 season of “This Old House.” Five years later, Rose transformed a broken-down West Palm Beach, Fla., home into a Mediterranean villa. These three electricians not only became an integral part of “This Old House’s 23-year-history, but they also helped transform aging homes into modern masterpieces.