Fixtures provide efficient security lighting

The SE3 Series offers security lighting for walkways, entrances and in many other applications. Providing perimeter cutoff, the reflector controls light precisely, directing it downward and to the sides of the fixture. The extra-wide cutoff distribution controls glare and reduces the number of fixtures needed by permitting maximum spacing between luminaires. A variety of lamp choices and wattages are offered in Uni-Form pulse start metal-halide, metal-halide, high-pressure sodium and fluorescent. Ruud Lighting
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Cord reels are designed for heavy-duty sites

The 8400 Series Cord Reels offer cable capacity up to 50 feet in an ultra-compact design. They precisely and conveniently store, pay out and automatically rewind cable without interrupting the flow of electrical power, enabling it to be employed with moving machinery, as well as by users as they travel from one workstation to the next. A built-in ratchet allows users to safely lock the high-visibility yellow cable at any desired length. A wide range of cord reel designs are available. McGill
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Floodlight provides effective light control

The HB 101 floodlight features a bullet design and a large glare shield for more effective light control. It can be customized in the field by adding a hood, visor or guard to achieve the desired landscape lighting effect. The floodlight is made of durable one-piece die cast construction with a rugged mounting arm. It accepts 150W PAR 38 lamp maximum. RAB Electric Mfg.
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Low voltage tester provides non-contact detection

A non-contact voltage tester for efficient, safe voltage detection has been added to the manufacturer's line of test instruments. The Low Volt Circuit Alert provides non-contact detection of 12V to 90V AC, the largest range available in a non-contact low volt tester. Gardner Bender
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Luminaire adds stylish design element to interior architecture

The Venza steel luminaire is a visually distinctive lighting solution for today's office environment. It comes in white and a natural steel color finish with a choice of seven colored translucent end caps. Options include a low profile version, with one or two T5 HO or T8 lamps. Ledalite
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Rotary hammer features 6A motor

This Model 5383-21 -inch SDS rotary hammer combines a compact design with a 6A motor. The tool bores 5/32-inch to -inch anchor holes and has a variable speed switch with reverse, hammer with rotation and rotation only operating modes. Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.
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Low profile, compact fluorescent offers bright light

The Mercmaster III low profile compact fluorescent is a corrosion-resistant lighting fixture rated for hazardous locations. It promises the efficiency and long life of an instant-start, white light fluorescent, along with the high-lumen output of a HID over a wider temperature range. Appleton
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Personal warning light provides high light output

The Model PWL is a combined personal warning flasher and flashlight that provides 1 hours of continuous operation. Two separate buttons switch either the red flashing 3-inch section of nine LED warning lamps or the end projected flashlight. Lumastrobe
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Industrial ceiling fans save energy in winter

Industrial ceiling fans help manufacturing plants and warehouses save energy by reclaiming heat trapped at the ceiling and circulating it to the floor. The Vista fan is designed with three, 56-inch metal blades rotating at 300 rpm to force warm air downward. Regency Ceiling Fans
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Fish tape center offers users 20% longer length tapes

The Fish Tape Center features Silver Speedway stainless steel and Speedway flat steel fish tapes that offer users 20% longer length than traditional tapes. These 60-foot, 120-foot and 240-foot fish tapes feature a rust-resistant, high quality tempered -inch stainless steel tape. Klein Tools
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Cable management system offers high capacity

The Rox Gland M63 combines the convenience of the traditional gland technique with a unique, adaptable Multidiameter technology. The result is an improved capacity and functionality for cost-effective installation in cabinets and other enclosures. It features the capability of routing preterminated cable through the gland without removing their connectors. The gland minimizes the hole opening and maximizes cable quantity. It also allows the user to add additional cables for future expansion. Roxtec Inc.
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Fax loggers monitor temperature and humidity

The FX420 Fax Logger is a temperature and humidity fax logger that sends data via fax or e-mail. The logger plugs into any standard phone outlet and can monitor temperature ranges from 0 to 100 F and humidity ranges from 0 to 95% RH. It is suitable for monitoring remote site electronic equipment rooms. Dickson Co.
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