Work light is bright, cool and rugged

The Handi-Light is an energy-efficient 13W fluorescent work light designed for electrical contractors and other construction professionals. It features bright, low-voltage lighting, an impact-proof housing, ultra-cool operation, break-resistant scratch guards and an easy on/off switch. McGill
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Grinder does various polishing and finishing chores

The GE900 Plus variable-speed, 3-in. die grinder is said to offer torque three times higher (27 in. lb.) than similar units, making it best for grinding internal surfaces in polishing and finishing applications. The grinder runs at a lower RPM increasing its capacity for accessories. Metabo
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Cable assemblies meet a range of high-speed requirements

These patch-cord cable assemblies are designed to meet high-speed DS3 (digital signal) connection requirements in a range of telecommunications applications. Uses for these patch cords include connecting equipment for testing, signal patching and monitoring. Pomono Electronics
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UPS provides many configuration options

The ED UVS Plus Series Uniterruptible Power System uses patented regenerative on-line inverter technology. These products complement the 1-, 1.5- and 2kVA UVS Plus models that were previously introduced. They provide users with numerous configuration options. The 3kVA and 4kVA products can be configured to accept 120VAC, 60/50/400Hz input/output in any combination. For example, users can order a 60Hz input and 400Hz output or 400Hz input and 50Hz output at the appropriate voltages. Falcon Electric
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Firestopping products contain fire and smoke

The FlameSafe firestopping products are designed to compartmentalize and contain fire and smoke from spreading through walls and between floors within a building. The firestop products are available for every construction application, including electrical and datacom. The line includes intumescent/elastomeric products, sealants, mortar, putty and putty pads, firestop bags, sleeves, devices and cable protection products for new or retrofit applications in commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Grace Construction Products
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Digital load monitor detects dangerous overload

This digital load monitor is capable of accurately measuring load on electrical motors and warning of overload and underload conditions. It has the capacity to calculate actual shaft power by using software algorithms and discounting the motor losses. By measuring true shaft power rather than current or input power, the DLM determines the working load exerted by the driven application on the motor. This patented method of measurement provides more effective monitoring, even when the motor is operating at a fraction of its capacity. Emerson
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Luminaires feature a prismatic glass reflector

The Prismalume Enclosed luminaires include a prismatic glass reflector with tempered glass closure to ensure optimum performance in any application where an enclosed luminaire is required. The luminaires can be used with lamps that range from 175W to 1,000W metal-halide and 150W to 1,000W high-pressure sodium. Holophane
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Generator relay features communications protocol

The manufacturer has made several enhancements to the SEL-300G Generator Relay for protection, monitoring and control of electrical generators. Prominent among the enhancements is the addition of Modbus communications protocol. Modbus is designed to meet the needs of a variety of utility and industrial users. Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
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Wall-mount cabinet has quick disconnect hinges

The QuadCab double-hinged cabinet features quick disconnect hinges and pre-assembled door frame. It allows for mounting the cabinet in sections that easily snap together, eliminating costly two-man installations. Hubbell Premise Wiring
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Software allows contractors to trace documents

Contractors' Lien Maker software allows contractors to quickly file their own liens and notices to recover lost income from unpaid jobs. The software helps create, track and produce all required state documents and file notices legally and on time. The CD-ROM covers 50 states and includes Lien Warning Notice, Stop Notice Releases, Mechanic's Liens, Notice to Owner and many other documents. E-Z Products
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Wire connector reduces installation strain

The Term-a-Nut pigtail wire connectors feature an ultra-flexible 6-in. lead to allow for easier positioning in an outlet box, a benefit that is said to translate into reduced stress on devices, wires and connections. The connectors handle 18 through 12 AWG solid or stranded wire. Ideal
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Fashion wallplate installs in traditional openings

The Fassada fashion wallplate is designed to fit all traditional openings. Featuring rounded edges, the thin wallplate consists of a simple two-piece plate design that installs in minutes. The wallplate complements the Faedra Smart Dimmer and Ariadni, Toggler, Rotary and Glyder dimmers. It is available in one- through four-gang units and in four colors: white, ivory, almond and light almond. Lutron Electronics
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Ballasts suit metal-halide applications

The “F-Can” ballast is designed for pulse-start metal-halide high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps. The ballast lends itself to downlighting applications. Xtenza ignitor technology makes the ballasts best for applications that require remote mounting. Advance Transformer
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