Connectors withstand temperature extremes

The Hot Melt ST, SC and FC connectors now withstand temperature extremes to allow installation indoors and out. The connectors are designed to save time and money through the combination of advanced adhesive technology and physical contact zirconia ceramic ferrule technology. The adhesive can be reheated to allow fiber repositioning within the connectors. 3M Electrical Products
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Cat. 5e cabling system installs without punch-down tools

The Volition Cat. 5e system is a complete end-to-end passive cabling system that includes a tool-less jack, high-performance cable, patch panels and faceplates. It is designed for shorter distance applications and allows for flexible future expansion. The RJ-45 jack provides fast termination. No punch-down tools are required. 3M
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Generator relay provides utility grade power protection

The SEL-547 distributed generator interconnection relay provides utility-grade protection of distributed generation utility system connections. The relay protects against abnormal conditions when the distributed generator is running in all operating modes, including peak shaving, base-loading, islanding and emergency backup. The relay provides easy set-up access via the EIA-232 port. It can also interface with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), using the EIA-85 port with Modbus Communications protocol. Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL)
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Cordless driver reaches into tight areas

The Power Grip is an ergonomic compact cordless driver suitable for various nut- and screw-driving applications. The tool provides greater access to difficult-to-reach places without sacrificing power. The driver, which fits into the palm of a hand, features a 4.8V reversing motor, with up to 44 in./lb of torque. Metabo
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Factory-sealed lighting panelboards install easily

The Exactra Series factory-sealed lighting panelboards are designed for hazardous-area lighting load distribution applications. These panelboards suit indoor and outdoor areas made harmful by the presence of flammable gases and vapors and combustible dusts. The factory-sealed panel-boards can be used for branch power distribution and circuit protection. The panelboards are offered in either an LP1 or LP2 model for Class I, Division 1 or 2, hazardous locations, respectively. They are available with up to six GFI and/or EPD branch breaker spaces within the same panel. Cooper Crouse Hinds
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Dimming ballast dims from a variety of controls

The Mark VII 0-10V dimming ballast is designed for T5/HO fluorescent lamps, including 54W linear lamps, 55W Circline lamps and 55W long twin-tube lamps. The ballast, available for either one-lamp or two-lamp operation on 120V or 277V systems, dims lamps directly from various controls. Advance Transformer
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Security fixture distributes light over wide areas

The E3 Series Perimeter Cutoff Light features wide distribution that permits maximum spacing between fixtures. An injection-molded acrylic lens protects the lamp and components. A medium-base lamp is supplied with the fixture. Installation is easy; an assembly bar mounts the fixture over a recessed junction box. Ruud Lighting
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Flame-retardant conduit suffers no fatigue from flexing

The Type LNM-P has no metal core so it will not suffer fatigue from repeated flexing or vibration. Flame-retardant PVC material resists oils, mild acids and sunlight exposure. The conduit, for trade sizes up to 2-in., features a layered construction. Between the layers, a woven nylon mesh adds reinforcement. Liquatite
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Lock-out relays protect utility equipment

This line of Lock-Out Relays (LORs) protect (lock out) critical utility equipment. The Series 24, Type WL-2, and Type WL lock-out relays meet virtually any application requirement. The Series 24 LORs feature manual-, electric- or self-reset capability. Manual-reset models are reset by the operator turning the handle back to normal. The manual-reset LOR has a nominal trip speed less than 8 milliseconds at rated voltage, as tested on 10-deck units. Electroswitch
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Metal-halide track fixtures are designed for long-burn uses

The ED-17 Lytespots and Metallics are designed for retail stores and other long-burn applications. Each fixture uses the readily available ED-17 ceramic metal-halide lamp to provide quality color rendering, efficiency and long lamp life. The fixtures feature reflectors that can be interchanged without tools. Lightolier
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Surge protector tells electricians when it's spent

The Smart Module surge protectors for low-voltage applications allows for snap-in, non-hard-wiring installation. An indicator light tells service technicians and end-users when it needs replacing, after the unit has sacrificed itself to protect other devices. The module can be replaced, without tools or test equipment. The protector is for security, life safety and low-voltage applications. The module can be removed and replaced easily, without troubleshooting or testing. This reduces the chance of incorrect wiring. Ditek
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Heat-shrink tubing comes in four styles

The Penn-Shrink tubing products come in four styles, including Shrink End Caps with Adhesive (PSEC). Flexibility allows the products to easily conform to a variety of irregular shapes. Penn-Union
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Electrical boxes feature removable hinged cover plate

This line of UL-approved, patented electrical boxes features a one-piece square electrical gang box with a removable hinged cover plate in either a single-gang or double-gang configuration. ClipOn Easy, LLC
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Luminaire features side-mount diffuser units

The Avante direct/indirect luminaire line has been expanded to include 2 ft by 2 ft and 2 ft by 4 ft side-mount units. By locating the fixture lamps and light diffuser on either side of the fixture, a skylight effect can be created. Two different reflector finishes are available — the standard high-reflective matte white paint and stepped aluminum. The luminaire comes in compact fluorescent, T8, T5 and T5HO lamp configurations. Lithonia Lighting
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Power transformer employs circular process

The O-Core toroidal power transformer core employs a process patented by Nippon Core. It uses a silicon steel strip, gradually pointed towards the end, replacing the constant width strip used in traditional toroidal transformer cores. As a result, the cross section of the O-core is circular like an O-ring, rather than square or rectangular, like the traditional toroidal core. Alpha-Core Inc.
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Light switch is safely grounded

This light switch, which turns on the light when the door opens, solves electrical grounding problems. The cast housing comes pre-tapped with the ground screw inserted. Grounding is achieved through backing out the ground screw a couple of turns, attaching ground wire and then tightening. Lee Electric Inc.
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